Majority of our cases are settled in pre-litigation phase, which means just before to filing a lawsuit. Once your case settles with our lawyer support, you will sign a settlement release, which officially closes your case in exchange for the settled amount of economic compensation. Our law firms will also assign with your medical providers to reduce your medical bills and also maximize the amount in your pocket. Our legal team will also instantly take over the complete interaction with insurance companies to safeguard your rights. This usually includes documenting the facts of a case and preserving evidence, while they are still new.


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In order to diagnose and treat your injuries, we will link you with the superior medical professionals in your area. After the entire injuries are diagnosed and treated, we will be in a place to locate a suitable settlement value on your personal injury claim and start the negotiations with an insurance company. During the negotiation process, our law firm will interact with you and then you will have a final decision. In addition to, our law firm will pay for the charges of prosecuting your case, so you do not even have to pay out of your pocket. These prices will be compensated from the settlement.

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